What to Expect During the Phases of Obstetrics and Gynecology

The right care for obstetrics and gynecology is the rendering of full-service obstetrics clinic during the entire pregnancy period. It aims to promote a healthy maternity and childbirth experience. This is very important in order to help the first time moms to be guided on the possible right process they have to follow before and after giving birth. There is a great need for this for the parents to become fully informed and prepare themselves on the upcoming birth of their child.

OB care is being done under the comprehensive services provided by a team of skilled physicians and nurses. These professionals will educate patients with prenatal, breastfeeding and childbirth classes. There are different phases and it is ideal for you to be more knowledgeable and easily understand the possible process you have to follow.


The Areas

The main areas of the right care services are as follows:
* Prenatal care
During this period, the pregnant mom will be screened for various complications that may occur to her or to her baby. Regular clinic visits and routine lab tests are the essential activities in this period of pregnancy. The expecting mom will be advised to visit her doctor every four weeks during the first and second trimesters. While in the third trimester, she will see her doctor once every two weeks until 36 weeks. Weekly visits are required until her baby is born. Expectations during prenatal care include checking of weight, blood pressure and urine. The practitioner will also measure your abdomen and check the baby’s position and heartbeat.

* Postnatal care
Postnatal period is a critical span of time for mothers and babies. Intensive care is really needed to avoid maternal and infant deaths. During this time, the mother will be monitored if she’s experiencing a lot of bleeding and dehydration. Her bowel and bladder functions will be closely observed too.

Pregnancy is the most delicate and sensitive part of being a mother. Babies deserve the rights to be well-nurtured even before being delivered into the real word that’s why taking the right care services is seriously advised to all moms-to-be.

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